Connecting Caribbean and African Lawyers of New York (CCALNY) [cal • knee] is a student-led initiative aimed at uplifting the experiences of African and Caribbean law students and attorneys. The initiative's goals are rooted in three pillars: (1) strengthening the legal network of the Black diaspora, (2) celebrating the culture of Africa and the Caribbean, and (3) spotlighting legal work in the regions. 

About the Co-founders

Dawchelle “Shelly” Hamilton, a first generation Jamaican, and Tobin Kassa, a first generation Ethiopian are the co-founders of CCALNY. As students who partially grew up overseas, Tobin and Shelly instantly bonded over their shared experiences with navigating the complexities and nuances of the American legal system. This chasm is only exacerbated in law school, where this community is disproportionately underrepresented and their experiences are overlooked. To address this problem, Tobin and Shelly seek to connect Caribbean and African lawyers in New York by bridging gaps in the community, affirming their presence, and maintaining traditions.

Tobin Kassa is wearing a white top with a beige blazer, white pants and white heels. She is standing on the left, with Dawchelle Hamilton to the right. Dawchelle is wearing a yellow-brown colored dress with brown flats. They are both standing in front of a TV with there event logo, and both are smiling for their photo.

Keep in touch

Interested students and attorneys can connect with CCALNY by: